5 Essential Tips for Safer and Healthier Air Travel

A flight attendant on TikTok has shared valuable insights on how passengers can ensure a safer and healthier journey while flying. With millions of views and likes, these tips are gaining popularity among travelers.

Tommy Cimato, a well-known flight attendant from Arizona, has amassed a following of nearly 500,000 on TikTok by providing captivating glimpses into his life and experiences in the aviation industry.

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

In his viral TikTok video, Tommy emphasizes five crucial things that passengers should avoid during air travel in order to ensure a safer and healthier journey.

1. Avoid Touching Flush Buttons With Bare Hands

Tommy advises passengers to never touch the flush button or lever with their bare hands. This is because it can be unhygienic and potentially expose travelers to germs and bacteria. He suggests using a napkin or tissue available in the lavatory to flush and maintain cleanliness.

2. Stay Hydrated Throughout the Flight

One of Tommy’s important tips is to prioritize hydration during the flight. He encourages passengers to drink water and recommends consuming around 16 ounces for every flight to stay properly hydrated. This is especially important as the air in the cabin can be dry, leading to dehydration.

3. Avoid Contact with the Window

Tommy cautions against leaning or sleeping on the window during the flight. He highlights that the window can be unsanitary due to children wiping their hands or other objects on it. Passengers should avoid direct contact with the window to minimize exposure to potential germs and maintain personal hygiene.

4. Opt for Pants Instead of Shorts

Tommy suggests refraining from wearing shorts during air travel. He compares it to the window, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding cleanliness. Wearing pants can provide more coverage and help minimize exposure to germs compared to shorts, ensuring a healthier journey.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Seek Assistance

Tommy’s final tip is to not hesitate in reaching out to a flight attendant if feeling unwell during the flight. He reassures passengers that flight attendants are there to assist them, whether it’s providing food, water, or an air sickness bag. Passengers should feel comfortable seeking help when needed to ensure a more pleasant and comfortable journey.