94-Year-Old Woman Embarks on 2,700-Mile Journey to Bid Farewell to Her Sister

It is not a goodbye, but a promise to reunite in the afterlife.

Barbara Carolan, a remarkable 94-year-old woman, embarked on a nearly 3,000-mile cross-country trip to visit her sister Shirley, who is 90 years old, one last time before they part ways in this world.

Accompanied by her granddaughter Stephanie Atkinson Shively, Barbara captured this emotional moment on camera, creating a deeply moving memory.

This reunion has been years in the making, with the pandemic preventing the sisters from seeing each other for three long years. However, Barbara meticulously planned her journey from New Hampshire to Nevada to ensure that she could spend precious time with her sister, possibly for the final time.

“When you haven’t seen someone for so long, especially your sibling, it must be incredibly difficult,” shared Shively with WMUR.

Recalling her grandmother’s words, Shively said, “She said, ‘I really think this will be the last time I see my sister’.”

Over the course of several days, Barbara and Shirley cherished each other’s company, reminiscing about fond memories and catching up on old times.

As the time came for Barbara to return home, the sisters engaged in one last conversation that touched the hearts of millions.

“We had a wonderful, wonderful time,” Barbara expressed to her younger sister.

Shirley declared, “If we don’t see each other again on this earth, we’ll see each other in heaven.”

With conviction, Barbara affirmed, “You betcha, you betcha.”

Shirley pleaded with her sister, asking her not to bid farewell.

“I’m not going to! There’s no way I’m going to say goodbye to you,” Barbara replied. “Until we meet again.”


Initially, Stephanie shared the poignant video of her grandmother and aunt’s heartfelt conversation with her family. To her surprise, the clip quickly garnered millions of views.

Stephanie later reflected on how the footage served as a reminder to cherish the precious moments spent with family members.

And if one glimpse into the bond between Barbara and Shirley was not enough, Stephanie also captured Barbara waving goodbye to her sister, immortalizing their farewell forever.

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