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After Boyfriend Terminated Relationship, She Spent $37k On ‘Retribution Physique’

Stacey Clarke was devastated when her partner ended their relationship just half a year prior to their scheduled wedding. However, rather than succumbing to sorrow, she chose to seek revenge by spending $37,000 on plastic surgery. Was it a worthwhile investment? Take a glimpse at her “retribution physique” and decide for yourself.

Stacey Clarke, a 33-year-old British photographer and a mother of two, gained attention after confessing that she allegedly splurged a substantial sum of $37,000 to enhance her appearance following her boyfriend of 15 years ending their relationship just six months before their wedding, as reported by the NY Post. Although Clarke acknowledged that the decision to undergo surgery was impulsive, she has no regrets.

According to the photographer based in Wales, she and her boyfriend had built a long-lasting relationship that commenced in their teenage years. “We met when we were 14, and then I had my son at 16,” recalled Clarke. “I had my second son when I was 18,” she added. Over time, Clarke and her ex began to drift apart, but they had still been planning to tie the knot, she stated.

So, with their wedding just months away, Clarke was taken by surprise when her fiancé called it quits, and her emotional distress worsened when she discovered he had left her for another woman, according to The Sun. That’s when Clarke started searching for an emotional outlet. “I just felt the need to do something. I impulsively decided to undergo surgery,” confessed Clarke.

The “something” that Clarke chose to do involved getting lip and eye lifts, a hair transplant, a breast augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift, a facelift, liposuction, and vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure that aims to restore tightness to the vagina after it becomes loosened due to childbirth, aging, or both. Explaining that she had never ventured outside her comfort zone before, Clarke said she had decided to utilize her newfound freedom to “reinvent” herself.

Prior to her “reinvention,” Clarke, known as @stacimarilove on Instagram, wore dreadlocks. She described her previous style as “casual, comfortable, or very natural,” but a 33-year-old Clarke after surgery described her new appearance as “exceedingly glamorous.”

“It was challenging that my relationship ended six months before my own wedding,” she explained, adding, “I actually had to photograph a wedding at the same venue as mine. It was extremely difficult.”

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