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Astonishing Discovery: Goodwill Employee Finds ‘Historic’ Human Skull in Donation Box

A Goodwill employee in Goodyear, Arizona made a chilling discovery when they stumbled upon a “what appears to be an actual human skull” in a box of donated items. While Goodwill is known for its diverse range of treasures, a human skull is certainly not a typical find.

The local authorities were immediately notified, and the skull, complete with its front teeth and a false eye, was promptly transported to the medical examiner’s office. Experts later confirmed that the skull has historical significance.

According to the Goodyear police department, the skull, along with other taxidermy items, was dropped off at the store sometime over the weekend. However, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the box was finally opened by store employees.

Fortunately, the contents of the box never made it to the sales floor, and the investigation is ongoing. Police have determined that the discovery is unrelated to any criminal activity.

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Imagine sorting through a donation box and seeing a human skull staring back at you. Creepy!


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