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Bradley Cooper Comforts Brooke Shields During Major Health Scare Caused by Excessive Water Consumption

Brooke Shields, 58, recently shared her experience with a major health scare that occurred just days before the opening of her one-woman show, “Previously Owned by Brooke Shields.”

In an interview with Glamour, Shields revealed that she had a full-blown grand mal seizure due to low sodium levels caused by excessive water consumption. She explained that she was drinking large amounts of water while preparing for her show and didn’t realize the impact it was having on her sodium levels.

The health scare happened while she was waiting for an Uber. As she reached the bottom of the steps, she began to feel strange, and the people she was with noticed her unusual behavior. Despite insisting that she was fine, she continued to question her actions and eventually experienced a seizure at a restaurant. Shields described the seizure as a grand mal seizure, where her body convulsed and she foamed at the mouth.

Shields recalled that the next thing she remembered was being loaded into an ambulance with Bradley Cooper by her side, holding her hand. Cooper had been contacted by the sommelier at the restaurant who observed Shields’ seizure. The sommelier had attempted to reach Shields’ husband but couldn’t, so they contacted Cooper instead.

After being admitted to the ICU and undergoing various tests, doctors determined that the cause of Shields’ seizure was low sodium levels resulting from water intoxication. She had unknowingly flooded her system with water and lacked adequate sodium, leading to the seizure.

During her hospital stay, Shields highlighted her frustration with male doctors who kept suggesting that she was limiting her salt intake, despite her insistence that it wasn’t the case. She explained that her excessive water consumption was due to feeling dehydrated from singing and recording a podcast. The doctors advised her to eat potato chips to increase her sodium levels.

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The incident serves as a reminder to be mindful of water intake and ensure a balanced diet to maintain proper sodium levels. Excessive water consumption can dilute the sodium content in the body and potentially lead to serious health complications like seizures.

While the experience was undoubtedly frightening for Shields, having Bradley Cooper offer support and comfort during such a vulnerable moment brought her a sense of solace. The incident showcases the kindness and compassion that can be found in unexpected circumstances.

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