Stephen King’s Obsession with a Late ’90s Song LED to Threats of Divorce from His Wife

We all have those little things that our significant others do that drive us crazy. It could be leaving a mess behind or interrupting us at the worst possible times. But for horror author Stephen King, it was his obsession with a particular song that pushed his wife to the brink.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, King opened up about his writing process and the role music played in it. He revealed that while he was working on his novels, he would often listen to music, with a preference for techno and disco tunes. However, one song held a special place in his heart: “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega.

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“My wife threatened to divorce me,” he confessed. “I played that song a lot. I had the dance mix, and I loved those extended play versions. I played both sides of it, including the total instrumental version. I played it so much that my wife finally said, ‘One more time, and I’m going to leave you.'”

While King doesn’t listen to “Mambo No. 5” as much these days, he still enjoys listening to “loud rock and roll” while editing his work. His current playlist includes artists like Foghat, Bob Seger, Travis Tritt, and Alan Jackson.

This anecdote offers a glimpse into the life and quirks of one of the world’s most beloved authors. It reminds us that even famous writers have their own unique idiosyncrasies that can drive their loved ones up the wall.

So the next time you find yourself constantly playing a song on repeat, maybe take a moment to consider if your significant other is on the brink of giving you the ultimatum that Stephen King’s wife did.