The Incredible Story of the World’s First Pregnant Man

When the news broke about Thomas Beatie, the world’s first pregnant man, people were intrigued and fascinated by his unique journey. Beatie quickly gained fame, and today he is a proud father with a loving wife by his side.

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Thomas Beatie is now the proud father of four children, three boys and one girl. He gave birth to the first three children himself, and his youngest child was born to his current wife.

Meet Thomas Beatie, the First Man to Give Birth

In 2007, Thomas Beatie became the first man in the world to give birth, creating a sensation around the globe.

After his first pregnancy, Beatie shocked the world again when he announced he was pregnant once more.

Born a woman in Hawaii, Beatie underwent a legal recognition of his status as a man approximately twenty years ago after hormone therapy. While he is physically still a woman, his ability to give birth naturally is a result of his biological makeup. Interestingly, Beatie shared that he had lost a pregnancy with triplets before his transition.

World's First Pregnant Man
Thomas Beatie
Who is the man who got pregnant?
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But Beatie’s journey was not without its challenges. In 2012, he went through a divorce with his first wife, Nancy.

After the divorce, Beatie found love again with Amber Nichols. Amber had seen a documentary about Beatie before they met and was captivated by his story. The two fell in love and got married. Following an in vitro fertilization procedure, Amber became pregnant using the same donor as the previous three children Beatie had given birth to.

Reflecting on his pregnancies, Beatie shared, “I gave birth naturally, not by caesarean section, with each pregnancy. It is very difficult to give birth. When women give birth, they think it’s a natural process, but it’s the most intense pain I’ve ever had. We have a reserve of sperm from the donor for the three children. We haven’t decided if we’re going to have another baby because it’s hard work.”

The Journey of Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie’s transition from a woman to a man took place when he was 24 years old. Despite facing negative reactions, Beatie has no regrets about his decision.

Over the past decade, Beatie has had a successful career as a stockbroker and has made appearances on television shows, including Secret Story in 2016. He has also pursued his passions as a writer and actor.

Before Thomas Beatie’s story came to light, transgender individuals were relatively invisible in society. Beatie’s case became widely known and brought visibility to the transgender community.

World's First Pregnant Man
Thomas Beatie
Who is the man who got pregnant?
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A Groundbreaking Case of Pregnancy

Thomas Beatie’s case was the first of its kind, showcasing a man fathering children within a heterosexual relationship.

While Beatie may be the most well-known, he is not alone. In Australia, 54 individuals identifying as male gave birth in 2014, according to medical statistics. In 2013, the British media highlighted the story of Hayden Cross, the first Briton to give birth.

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